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I ate Fluffy the guinea pig

We waited 2 hours for this baby to be roasted, but the wait was well worth it.

Roasted guinea pig (cuy). 

The skin was crispy like that of a roasted suckling pig. The meat texture was similar to a young pigeon's. The flavor reminded me of boar--- slightly more gamy than pork. It was the best game meat I have had in a while!

Deep fried goat with corn kernels the size of a nickel.

Goat stew with rice.

Grilled beef tripes.

My first encounter with authentic Ecuadorian cuisine was an eye-opening experience. The atmosphere was festive, the portions were generous and the flavors were bold. However, most dishes were on the salty side which explains the gazillion hypertension cases I saw in Washington Heights.

El Pequeno Coffee Shop
8610 Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, NY 

Strolling through the Flushing-Meadows Park, I ran into a couple of Ecuadorian/ Peruvian women (I couldn't tell the difference and I don't speak Spanish) selling ethnic food.

Cheese-filled empanadas deep-fried in oil heated by charcoal. Old-school!

Roasted whole pig. More roasted guinea pigs (cuy)! Yum-O!


  1. omg..that first pic..he looks so..fried.

  2. those 2 impaled on the left - they look like overgrown albino rats. i dont think i can ever bring myself to eat that