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Sausage Fest

It was one of those nights that I had an insatiable craving for hearty food. I could feel my carotid arteries yearning for cholesterol plagues. I heard a mob inside of me chanting "We want meat! We want meat!" I had no choice but to rise up to the challenge. I trekked all the way downtown to the Whole Foods at Columbus Circle, and bought 7 different kinds of organic, sustainably-sourced sausages.

From the left:
1. Chicken pesto sausage
2. Mild Italian chicken sausage with pork casing
3. Hot Italian pork sausage
4. Sweet Italian pork sausage
5. Garlic herb turkey sausage with pork casing
6. Garlic herb pork sausage
7. Hot Italian turkey sausage with pork casing

I coated the sausages with herb-infused olive oil, left over from my oil-poached salmon fillet, which is my new favorite dish by the way and I will share the recipe in a later post.

The oven was pre-heated to 350F. The sausages were cooked for 25 minutes and then broiled for an additional 5-7 minutes. Result: deliciousness and 5% increase in chances for future MIs. The best was the garlic herb pork sausage and the hot Italian pork sausage came in a close 2nd. In the end, turkey and chicken got nothing on the pork. 

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  1. Please tell me you didn't eat the whole thing all by yourself Alvin lol